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Adventure Dating online

7 Things Prolonged Eye Contact From Some Guy May Mean

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4. An endeavor to communicate one thing.

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If a guy you prolonged eye contact, perhaps from across the room, it might be that theyre trying to get your attention, and tell you or alert you to something non-verbally that youre not having a conversation with is giving.

Catching someones attention can be a way that is effective of their attention, you merely might find it difficult to find out just what it is theyre attempting to inform you.

When they nod in a specific way or raise their eyebrows, then theyre undoubtedly attempting to inform you one thing.

5. Manipulation.

So, weve established that attention contact often means a complete large amount of good things.

But its not necessarily positive.

Eye contact is an instrument employed by manipulative people too.

They go a step further, which can be sometimes referred to as hypnotic gazing.

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