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If you've been arriving at this web site and wondering why there is no updates for eons, it is because i have relocated to

ranting, raving, venting.

Saturday, June 14

I've Moved!

Rambled by JuZ JZin at 3:55 pm |

Friday, February 15

Brand New Developments

Oooo. guess wat peeps?!

New developments. so keep escort review Allen TX tuned in!

Hopefully news will be revealed by 1 March

Therefore ya, this web site is NOT DEAD

Continues to be kicking and alive and running a blog will resume as soon as possible. Simply not with this website

Rambled by JuZ JZin at 1:17 pm |

Monday, December 31

Reflections. retrospections and introspections. and maybe my final post with this web log.

2007 has gone and come. I cannot state it passed quickly and it also was not an uneventful 12 months.