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7. George Takei and Brad Altman. May seem like the thing that is only more than the U.S.S. Enterprise could be the love both of these share!

Appears like the only thing traveling more than the U.S.S. Enterprise could be the love those two share! Those two trekkies had been both recognized for his or her work with celebrity Trek, as a writer and actor respectively, but didn’t formally fulfill until Takei asked Altman to teach him for the marathon.

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18 years after an apparently innocuous concern, Takei arrived on the scene as a man that is openly gay. 36 months later on, in 2008, the 2 had been hitched making history by becoming the initial same-sex few to submit an application for a married relationship permit in western Hollywood. This groundbreaking pair went regarding the Newlywed Game whilst the very very first couple that is openly gay afterwards won the $10,000 reward with their charity. It is inspiring to see both of these, while the a lot more trailblazing celebrity couples approaching!

8. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

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It may appear crazy, however it ain’t no lie that Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are a couple of of the very most celebrity that is enviable in Hollywood today! The NSYNC that is former singer dating the painter and star, Michael Turchin, last year. Two and a years that are half, the few had been prepared to get hitched.

The marriage at LA’s Park Plaza resort on December 20, 2014 had been a huge occasion, and a lot of of Bass’ former bandmates had been in attendance. The couple’s wedding had been filmed and soon after released by E! in just exactly just what would get to be the very first time a same-sex couple exchanged vows on cable. Four years later on, the few decided these people were prepared to expand their loved ones via surrogate.