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Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Forum. Some information, she's got 2 other characters besides her dominant one.

Brand new partner with DID, advice?

New partner with DID, advice?

Feb 01, 2019 no. 1 2019-02-01T16:11

Hi all. I’m new here and I’m shopping for suggestions about the way to handle having somebody with DID.

Not long ago I began dating a wonderful girl whom i prefer extremely really. She comes with DID. She ended up being very in advance before she had a switch in front of me personally with me about this and told me personally. I’m simply wondering exactly how better to help her.

she's got a “protector” type personality whom arrives whenever she seems threatened (that hasn’t occurred beside me) and often while having sex. She’s extremely principal and I also make an effort to relate solely to her when you are submissive, which we both enjoy. We don’t have the maximum amount of knowledge about this character because I don’t see her emerge as frequently. She has also a personality that is childish age 15) whom I’ve skilled more. She likes real not intimate love then when this character is on the forehead or cheek, never sexually out we cuddle and I only kiss her. She additionally likes games therefore we perform games together. She’s really shy and does not don't stop talking.

We suppose I don’t really know exactly what concerns i ought to be asking aside from if anybody has any advice that is general? I’ve never known someone with DID prior to. I do want to support my gf while making her feel at ease, which so far I’ve been effective at but I wish to make sure continues.