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MEMORANDUM OPINION.The Eleventh Circuit reversed and explained the following

Rather, Hendricks-Patton asserts that its failure to incorporate the annual percentage rate had been an unintentional clerical mistake that took place despite procedures which were in position that have been fairly adjusted in order to prevent making such mistakes.

The mistake that took place this situation is more on the basis of the form of clerical mistake that happened in the actual situation of Groat v. Carlson (In re Groat), 369 B.R. 413 (8 th Cir. BAP 2007), where the court figured a clear typographical error which listed the wrong year within the deadline date for rescission had been a bona fide mistake and failed to represent a breach for the TILA where in fact the procedures set up for correcting such mistakes had been fairly adjusted in order to avoid such errors. The lending company's attorney active in the loan deal submitted an affidavit for which he described the procedures in the workplace under that the attorney's associate, who had been competed in the preparation of these papers, ready the mortgage papers.