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Freshman Tales: Double Guidelines of Hookup Heritage

Straddling the relative line between objectification and empowerment.

We pride myself to my self- confidence. I rarely feel the need to hide who I am whether it’s embracing my body or speaking my mind. Many of us had been accepted to Penn as a result of our achievements and our self-assurance. Nevertheless, We have buddies adopting different personas around different individuals to be able to easily fit in, confiding in me personally about their insecurities, and struggling become on their own. After hanging out paying attention with their issues, I’ve noticed a trend: in virtually every instance of self-doubt, guys had been included.

Striding into university on August 22nd, I made the decision that i'dn’t restrict myself by any means. We no further possessed a boyfriend and seemed forward to adopting a clean slate. Nobody knew me personally at Penn. I really could be whoever i needed. But we never ever truly comprehended just how true that declaration ended up being until we began likely to fraternity parties. New scholar Orientation, as described by many upperclassmen, lived up to all university stereotypes. Liquor, hot spaces, noisy music, thumping bass, and a great deal of naive, excited freshmen desperate to assert by themselves in this brand new environment. I happened to be mesmerized; i discovered myself lost into the beat regarding the music and also the swaying moment that is bodies—every like a lovely phrase of youth and freedom.