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What exactly is the essential difference between a Hero, Sub, Grinder, and Hoagie?

This post initially starred in a version of What’s the Difference?, a newsletter that is weekly the wondering and confused by new york journalist Brette Warshaw. Eater may be posting all editions that parse food-related distinctions, though those barely scrape the top of world’s (and also the newsletter’s) curiosities: register to get What’s the Difference? in your inbox or get caught up from the archive that is full.

What’s the difference between.

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A Hero, Sub, Grinder, and Hoagie?

Several things in life are easy: we realize that two items of bread with material among them, as an example, is really a sandwich. Swap in a roll that is long nonetheless, and things have a whole lot more difficult.

Let’s begin with the submarine, or sub.