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How can you think this might be planning to influence your job?

Anything miss that is you’ll Grey’s? I’ll working that is miss the group. I believe the previous period we got our rite of passage therefore we more or less all discovered everything we can and we also can’t do…like some other brand new show or fledgling child looking for its feet. Season 4 will probably be more powerful, better and wiser and smarter, and I also had hoped become a contributor to that particular. That’s not the fact.

UPCOMING WEBPAGE: Washington on a rumored Grey’s spin-off for Dr. Burke, whether he’d ever return for a cameo, and whether he’s focused on being labeled ”difficult”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: you can find rumors which you were originally said to be the lead in a Grey’s spin-off. Did Shonda ever approach you? ISAIAH WASHINGTON: me personally for a spin-off? No. No. Never Ever. Everyone loves Shonda Rhimes and her writing ability and I also felt like she made me personally an improved star as a result of her talent. I became invited straight back by Shonda to participate the united group and I also constantly had a group player mentality about that. We took it as a humbling possibility to be invited and start to become area of the group.