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By ethnicity visitors

Process In – MEPS. You will first process in at one of the 65 MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Stations) before you enlist with the Marine Corps,.

after you have been through initial questioning phases along with your recruiter while having talked about your alternatives, your recruiter shall set a consultation so that you can go directly to the nearest MEPS. Right here you'll make the ASVAB, have actually a physical, and (if you pass) – select your task and swear in. Every thing together should simply take 2 days.

The MEPS is a Department of Defense joint-service organization staffed with army and civilian experts. MEPS workers determine candidates’ physical skills, aptitude and moral criteria since set by each branch of armed forces solution.

Many people goes in their branch’s DEP (Delayed Entry Program), and go homeward after MEPS to attend until their ship out date. Other people will embark to fundamental training instantly after MEPS. Keep in mind, you've got NOT joined the military prior to going to MEPS, but by the final end of it you'll be expected to. Would you nevertheless would you like to join? Make sure for this prior to going!

Below are a few hints that are helpful prior to going to MEPS:

1. Discuss any youth medical difficulties with your parents and documentation that is bring you. 2. Bring your Social Security card, delivery driver’s and certificate license. 3. Remove earrings (they obstruct the headset employed for the hearing test). 4.