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Exactly exactly just What guys find sexy: 20 simple (but astonishing) techniques to turn him on

Wish to know exactly just what guys find sexy? Listed here is a hint—high heels and miniskirts are not the sole items that drive them crazy. We asked genuine dudes to fairly share their most notable seduction scenes, and discovered down just a little imagination goes a long distance. Add your individual touch up to a evening together, and you will have him begging for lots more. Whether you are in a relationship or perhaps not, just take a cue from the 20 truthful responses about just what dudes really like!

1. Set the scene:

"My gf took us to an isolated coastline for fresh grilled mussels and clams. There was clearlyn't someone else here, and we also started initially to kiss. It had been so peaceful that each small sound seemed to hold and echo. Train within the distance, a classic trestle that is wooden our blanket . her bringing me personally nowadays made me undoubtedly wish to be along with her."—captiveshark, 38

2. Arrange celebration:

"we liked whenever my gf planned a surprise celebration in my situation to my 30th birthday. All of the work she place about me personally, and I also discovered that become extremely sexy."—Michael involved with it showed simply how much she cared, 32, activity representative

3. Shock him in the home: "1 day, upon coming back from work, my gf greeted me personally in black colored underwear and an attractive haircut.