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Homosexual Behavior in Female hill Gorillas: representation of Dominance, Affiliation, Reconciliation or Arousal?


Humans are unique among primates for maybe perhaps not only participating in same-sex intimate functions, but additionally developing homosexual set bonds. To shed light regarding the evolutionary origins of homosexuality, information regarding the incident and contexts of same-sex behavior from nonhuman primates can be of specific importance. Homosexual behavior involving females is badly investigated generally in most primate taxa, exceptions being Japanese macaques, rhesus macaques, Hanuman langurs and bonobos. We current information on homosexual behavior in feminine mountain gorillas into the Virunga Volcanoes (Rwanda) and test four functional hypotheses, specifically reconciliation, affiliation, dominance phrase and sexual arousal. Homosexual interactions between females involved both ventro-dorsal and copulations that are ventro-ventral by vocalizations and courtship shows. Really the only sociosexual theory that received partial empirical help could be the social status hypothesis, i.e., that mounting reaffirms the dominance hierarchy.