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Here’s how exactly we rank the different kinds of lube you start with the essential enjoyable and helpful lube:

Oil Based Lube Oil based lube feels a smoother that is little silkier than water based lube. It can last for many years, so it’s perfect for anal intercourse, but there are lots of drawbacks that are significant. It’s much harder to scrub away from linens. More to the point, oil based lube degrades latex condoms making them tear and tear. Main point here, then don’t use an oil based lube if you don’t want the condom to tear during the act.

Saliva I made a decision to ten included saliva as may very well not gain access to lube and require a backup, particularly if you are experiencing a quickie. It’s water based so works with with latex condoms. It most likely shouldn’t become your very first option as it will run dry and it isn’t abundant, however it works fine.