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Or take to tilting ahead much more to circulate your bodyweight more evenly, states Lewis.

Regular cowgirl sex stepped in order that this place could run.

Woman-on-top intercourse (aka cowgirl) may be ultra-pleasurable for females for many different reasons: specifically the way-easier clitoris access along with your capability to set the rhythm and pace from what feels perfect for your liking (bye-bye jackhammering!). It is additionally the opportunity to feel super empowered and in-control, as well as, indulging into the known proven fact that your bod is on display and feeling you to ultimately your complete level.

But there’s a typical variation of cowgirl that provides most of the aforementioned bennies to be at the top, and even more. Yep, we’re talking cowgirl that is reverse. This easy variation of regs cowgirl (reverse cowgirl just means you’re facing your partner’s legs and foot, rather than their face!) provides plenty of space to your pleasure, all using the minimum quantity of work feasible.

“Reverse cowgirl is fantastic given that it adds some variation to your sex-life,” describes Kamil Lewis, AMFT, a intercourse and relationships specialist. It’s great to wow a brand new partner or spice things up with a vintage one, she adds.