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chatki hookup hotshot

Dating in L.A. Sucks. The Math was done by us. Illustration by Patti Andrews The Preamble

Relationships are difficult. Relationships in Los Angeles are harder. Possibly the 405 is always to blame for canceled times? Possibly Peter Pan Syndrome prevents connections that are substantive? Irrespective of the reason, solitary Angelenos are approaching the relationship game with apathy in the place of intent, and that’s unpleasant. If you'd like proof, think about the following imagined—but all too recognizable—interaction, which we’ve scored for a true points system. Study, soak up, then function as the modification you want to see into the world that is dating.

Illustration by Patti Andrews

The Preamble

It’s a prototypically perfect L.A. time, and you’re at a third-wave coffee shop␔maybe Eightfold in Echo Park, possibly the Boy & the Bear in Redondo Beach—reading David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day. “Great guide,” some body says (+50 no matter whom stated it, because yes, it’s a fantastic guide). You appear up to see what you should determine as a person.␝ that is ␜good-looking Let’s call them Hot Stranger. a covert look reveals that Hot Stranger’s left hand is devoid of a marriage band (+10, who may have the vitality to be a home-wrecker?). “I'm sure, right?” you say. “Are you a fan of Sedaris?” “I am,” Hot Stranger states (-15, most likely a lie).