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DEAR ABBY: Wife resists guy's efforts to really improve her lifestyle

DEAR ABBY: we came across my spouse as soon as we had been extremely young and into partying. We are now middle-aged and going in different directions.

We give attention to real and psychological wellbeing. I work out daily, eat healthier and continue maintaining a great attitude. She spends her time that is free lying, drinking, smoking and constantly exposing herself to negativity through the net. She actually is now on medicine for despair and anxiety.

My efforts at conversation are typically met with anger and defensiveness or are dismissed as "a time that is bad talk." Personally I think we now have reached a crossroads inside our wellness. I'd like her become as healthy and fit possible therefore we will enjoy our golden years together. Just how do I have her to join me personally in a healthy life style before it is far too late? — READY IN WASHINGTON

DEAR WILLING: Your spouse may reach a fork when you look at the road of her life. In case the description is accurate, you might be coping with a female that is depressed, angry, protective, anxious and self-destructive.

An approach to get her to participate you in a healthy life style should be to persuade her that her own way to health will start with consulting a psychological state expert prior to it being far too late as well as the harm she's doing to herself becomes irreversible. She knows you are saying it because you love her and want to enjoy a long and happy life with her — something that is clearly not happening for her right now when you do, make sure.