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Rivalry Against SaizЕЌ For Ayane's Freedom. While confronting SaizЕЌ in the pond part, RintarЕЌ noticed their kick that is swift but to dodge their little little little finger hit that nearly gorging his remaining attention, prompting him to sense one thing sinister within SaizЕЌ.

While confronting SaizЕЌ during the pond part, RintarЕЌ noticed his kick that is swift but to dodge their little little finger strike that almost gorging their remaining eye, prompting him to sense one thing sinister within SaizЕЌ. To their surprise that is staggering nonchalantly apologized for the laugh and made "compliments" about their design. He furthermore also witnessed Iori Ayane that is calling the before both SaizЕЌ and Iori left the scene.

During the night, RintarЕЌ additionally discovered Ayane's history regarding and their objective would be to bring her back into the secretive clan, but she did not would you like to return along with her vow to protect the innocent and poor pupil. He cannot rest after learning the whole tale and went for the pond's stone for a walk. Whenever their daddy arrived and consulted him, RintarЕЌ told their quality to make use of their capacity to help somebody in big trouble. In the extremely exact same evening, he taught together with his daddy.

The following day, both RintarЕЌ and Ayane went for SaizЕЌ and Iori where he challenged SaizЕЌ right into a duel on Ayane's behalf: if she winnings the battle SaizЕЌ must set Ayane free and then he told SaizЕЌ to offer them per week for preperation. SaizЕЌ initially rejected RintarЕЌ's demand until Iori endured up and accepted the task, vowing to beat her. Throughout five times, RintarЕЌ taught Ayane in dodging water fall, although the progress that is little. As Ayane told Rintaaro that she ended up being nevertheless distraught her shame in making Iori behind on her escape, RintarЕЌ eased her stress by allowing lavender plants petals travelled over her, further reassures Ayane that he can manage her burden, much to Ayane's relief.