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Exactly What Do 19-Year-Olds Really Think About Sending Nude Pics? A mother and Daughter Discuss

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From the being surprised, in 1999, after starting my hulking desktop and linking my dial-up for the time that is first to know “You’ve got mail! ” and I also keep in mind being more shocked, for the reason that first session, to get an chat message asking the thing I was wearing—and if I might take it well.

We sooner or later discovered just how to alter my settings making sure that random creeps could pop up on n’t my display. (I’ve been struggling to alter settings for almost two decades now. ) Explicit material on the net has come a long distance from AOL to MySpace to Snapchat.

Lauren, my 19-year-old stepdaughter, has simply completed her very very first 12 months of university. (She’s been part of my entire life we have a super tight household, and Lauren matters three moms and dads—her bio-mom, her dad, and me personally.