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engineer-dating review

None for this is to help OnlyFans which sucks and is certainly an MLM, but guys on Twitter breaking jokes are becoming down on low-grade humiliation that is female typical, simply metaphorically this time around.

Should they cared about how exactly shitty OnlyFans is they'dn’t be taking it away regarding the females.

Reminds me personally of a rich SOB whom taught a politics seminar we went to when. He had been angry that waitresses told him their first names nowadays, they’re too friendly. just as engineer dating sex if they didn’t literally need the tips besides if it was THEIR idea, and not their boss’s, and as. Duh these ladies make these articles to generate income. Should they didn’t require the cash, they'dn’t result in the articles. But embarrassing them publicly is just too enjoyable!

It’s Richard Feynman making a waitress spill water every-where to have her tip. Wouldn’t wish these OnlyFans bitches getting too uppity! Gotta prove you’re savvier than them. published by stoneandstar at 8:18 PM on October 14, 2020 [17 favorites]

Wait, is Onlyfans a mlm that is real? Or perhaps is it that individuals want to do mlm-like behavior to get ahead about it? I was thinking it had been simply kinda like Patreon but also for mostly adult content?

We kinda figured individuals getting angry at onlyfans had been mostly incel kinds angry at ladies having the ability to benefit down their sex appeal on the terms, that will be really an enormous misdirection from taking a look at the platform critically in hindsight. published by ikea_femme at 8:33 PM on 14, 2020 [8 favorites october]

Wait, is Onlyfans a real mlm? Or perhaps is it that folks want to do mlm-like behavior to get ahead onto it? I was thinking it absolutely was simply kinda like Patreon however for mostly content that is adult?