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Brit makes use of TINDER to affix trips from ladies 12,000 miles across the united states

In the exact middle of their epic journey Daniel Beaumont began asking 'matches' from the dating internet dating sites for Hindu professionals site: 'can you drive me 60km south'

A man that is british connections on dating site TINDER to hitchhike 12,000miles across united states.

In the exact middle of their epic journey Daniel Beaumont began asking ladies in the site that is dating 'can you drive me 60km south.'

He embarked for a 20,000km, 6-month journey that is hitchhiking which started with him with the old fashioned way of thumbing for the trip in the side for the road.

But he struck on an ingenious way of easing his journey around 8,000km in, rain-lashed and struggling to hitch a lift.

The backpacker that is 24-year-old invested 3 months getting 3,000 kilometers across Canada.

But Tinder permitted him traveling 12,000 kilometers across America within the exact same length of time - and offered him a great deal more fun doing this.

Daniel had hitch-hiked throughout the nearly all of Canada to get at a marriage in Idaho, after which needed seriously to get all in the past to ny, so he could travel house.

Therefore he posted a profile that is catchy the dating website reading: "Nomadic tourist of 2 yrs from Britain.

"Currently hitchhiking 20,000km across united states.