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You will find vulnerabilities that increase the odds of illness both in gents and ladies.

Danger Facets in females

The possibility of HIV from unprotected genital intercourse is greater among females for many reasons. The tissues of the vagina (epithelium) are far more susceptible to HIV than those of the penis from a physiological standpoint. п»ї п»ї HIV has the capacity to move across these cells once the disease fighting capability recognizes the invading virus and deliver protective cells (called macrophages and dendritic cells) to "grab and drag" them through the liner become damaged. Rather, HIV turns the table and attacks ab muscles cells (called CD4 T-cells) supposed to help neutralize them. In so doing, the physical human body helps facilitate its very own disease. And, since the area part of the genital epithelium is much larger than that regarding the male urethra, the chance for illness is increased, frequently exponentially.