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10 memes that are blink-182 sum up the sense of growing older

The expression "no body likes you when you are 23" nevertheless stands up today.

blink-182’s track that is iconicWhat’s My Age Again?” inspires birthday celebration cakes, graduation caps and much more even today. The band sing, “No one likes you when you’re 23,” a grim but accurate statement according to many blink fans in the song.

The pop-punk act referenced one of their most popular Enema Of The State songs with a hilarious warning in a recent Twitter exchange.

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With that said, it's wise that the trio have actually us thinking growing old and what that seems like. Here are 10 memes that are hilarious blink-182 that talk exactly about growing up (but perhaps not constantly acting how old you are).

Lacking those years that are teen…

Recall the Zac Efron film they made called 17 once more?